Learn from Will Smith's Past Experience

On tour for the original Men in Black movie release, Will Smith gained a valuable insight that can help content creators today as well - on YouTube and Twitch. Particularly Minecraft content creators that want to grow their channel and promote themselves to an international audience!


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In this episode, we talk about internationalization, reaching a global audience with your YouTube channel, and producing content that appeals to a wide range of people around the world. Minecraft is a worldwide game, and your content is consumed worldwide. Because of that, we need to think about how language is used in different parts of the world, and how that impacts Minecraft videos we create for our audience.

  1. Will Smith has slapped down a few music records, several blockbuster films, and - more recently - a comedian named Chris Rock. I do not condone the actions at the Academy Awards in 2022 at all, and I do not believe that violence is ever the answer to our problems. For the purposes of this podcast episode however, I have decided to mostly ignore those recent events and focus entirely on the events of the year 1997 instead.
  2. The audio snippet was taken from an audiobook, found on Audible. Anyone potentially deciding to purchase that audiobook should be made aware of it's occasional course language and other elements that are inappropriate for a young audience.
The audio recording of Will Smith contained in this episode comes from his audiobook on Audible, simply titled "Will".
Copyright for the audio recording belongs to authors Will Smith and Mark Manson, and publisher Penguin Audio.

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Learn from Will Smith's Past Experience
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