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Increase your watch time and keep people watching

How can you increase your video's engagement, keep people watching, and get higher watch time? It all comes down to editing. OddManMC joined me recently, and had some helpful advice to share.

5 ways to improve your workflow & edit faster

How can you improve your workflow, edit faster, and make better Minecraft videos as a Minecraft content creator? Listen to this episode!

Where to find Minecraft Snapshot News, FAST.

To make a video that gets views, you need to beat the competition. One way to do that is by being FIRST. But how can you find out about the latest Minecraft News, before anyone else? I'll share my secrets, so you can find this information just as fast as I do.

Pixlriffs is cancelling his Patreon. Why?

Pixlriffs is a large Minecraft content creator on YouTube, so why is he cancelling his Patreon page? Why is he closing down Pixlrift, closing down his Minecraft server? And what can we learn (or should we learn) from this?

Should you take a break from YouTube?

What is the meaning of YouTuber burnout? Is it something you need to be worried about, and how can you prevent burnout?

Introducing the Minecraft Creator Podcast

A new podcast by Minecraft creators, for Minecraft creators. Each podcast episode will be focused on either Minecraft, platforms like YouTube and Twitch, or the combination of those two topics.

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